Melbourne painters Gisborne-bound

IMG X Tom Teutenberg

IMG X Tom Teutenberg

GISBORNE dealer gallery PaulNache is marking the start of the New Year by reaching over the Tasman to bring a pair of Melbourne artists to town. While both Matt Arbuckle and Merryn Lloyd are painters, there are myriad differences in how they use their medium.

A long-time associate of the Gisborne gallery, Aucklander Arbuckle first exhibited there in 2012, the year before he moved to take up residence in Berlin. And though his travels brought him back to New Zealand, then to Australia, his focus has remained consistent. He aims to construct and deconstruct painting by using brushstroke and colour to create depth and movement in his exuberant abstracts. From tomorrow he exhibits a new series, Eyeshots, in the Gisborne show.

Merryn Lloyd works to create depth, and does so literally, melting a mash-up of beeswax and pigment to create her distinctly-textured works. For the works in her collection, Dusty Plain, she uses the landscape as inspiration, experimenting with shape, composition, colour and depth.

When and where

The collections Eyeshots, by Matt Arbuckle and Dusty Plain, by Merryn Lloyd, open at PaulNache tomorrow (6pm). Both artists will be in Gisborne for the launch.

Article by Kristine Walsh | Gisborne Herald