Leading from the Edge - Art From the Pacific Rim

Speakers: SUHANYA RAFFEL (Director of Collections at AGNSW), IRENE ABUJATUM (Director of Fundación FAVA and Director of Feria ch.ACO, Chile), MATTHEW NACHE (Director of Paul Nache Gallery, New Zealand), LEO SILITONGA (Our South East Asian VIP Liaison, Director of Art Jakarta), DR GENE SHERMAN AM (Chairman and Executive Director of Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation).

Traditionally Venice, Florence, Paris and New York have been considered the leading centers for artistic creativity. Now you can live life as an artist or an art enthusiast in almost many major city and feel connected to the engine of creativity. How has this transpired and what does it mean in terms of production, engagement and marketing art? This discussion touches on how emergent economies have provided new collectors, institutions and philanthropists that support new networks of creative growth.

Venue: Sydney Contemporary, Carriageworks - Friday, 11th September 3:30-4:30 pm