Nevermind the Apocalypse

13 APRIL – 13 MAY 2018

Nevermind the Apocalypse

There is no pink in Mother’s wardrobe, nor did my Grandmother wear pink, only black, doing exactly what is expected of a Greek widow. Only Father wears pink, flowery frocks, slips, pant suits, shiny kitten heels, gloves, velvet bows, satin ribbons and pearly pink nail polish daily.

I could never wear pink, but in my narration I like to position my pink self firmly atop the mountain, like the goddess I am, grounded to the centre of this phallocentric ambivalent apocalyptic world. My status is elevated and precariously adorned with flamboyant shimmery pink manliness, and I am empowered by the illusion of my own masculinity. 

Nevermind the apocalypse
Fancy That
It’s complicated.
The Double Standard
A Bad Dream
And I feel fine

Nevermind The Apocalypse is an installation of new collaged and animated creations by NZ born, Auckland based artist Teresa HR Lane. 

After recently graduating from Elam, University of Auckland, with an Master of Fine Arts, Lane presents us with a visual narrative as a real time reference to her living experiences. She is an active participant, but also plays the role of the observer, documenting the human form, celebrating the ordinary, and recognising the humorous and often perverse ways we interact with others.

Recent exhibitions include How Can I Seduce You, Elam Graduate Show, December 2017; Cockware at Paul Nache Gallery, Gisborne, November 2017; Gods Becoming Men, Blikfang Gallery, Auckland, October, 2017; and being a finalist in the Wallace Art Awards 2017 at Pah Homestead, Auckland. Her work is included in the Wallace Arts Trust Collection and held in various private collections throughout New Zealand.

'Nevermind The Apocalypse' is her second solo show with the Gisborne Gallery.
The exhibition opens on Black Friday, April 13th 2018 at 6PM. The artist will attend the opening.

Installation photography: Thomas Teutenberg; Work photography: Sait Akkirman

Nevermind the Apocalypse, interview with Kim Parkinson, The Guide, Arts section, Gisborne Herald

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