Merryn Lloyd, Dusty Plain

8-30 JANUARY 2016

Merryn Lloyd works with pigment and beeswax. Melting and mixing are the main concerns of her studio practice, with her resulting paintings acting as a record-keeping tool. Using the landscape as inspiration, she experiments with shape, composition, colour and ground. Lloyd’s paintings form a record of her successes and failures in the studio, and often it is her failed paintings that end up being her greatest successes. Lloyd’s small paintings invite further readings when they combine to form larger, more complex bodies of work. Here they act as counterpoints to each other, drawing attention to the symmetries and oppositions between texture, stroke, layering and line.

Merryn Lloyd graduated from a Bachelor of Visual Art (Painting), Monash University, 2008. Recent exhibitions include Chalk and Cheese, Town Hall Gallery, Melbourne, 2015; Cave Painting, Caves, Melbourne, 2015; Faux Fair, curated by Kim Brockett, c3, Melbourne, 2015; Oil on a Spoon, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, 2014; A Necessary Evil, Kings ARI, Melbourne, 2014; Pavilion, curated by David Homewood, TCB Art Inc, Melbourne, 2014; Method and Gesture, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne, 2013; Soft Eyes, curated by Pip Wallis, TCB Art Inc Melbourne, 2013.

Photographs by Christo Crocker (Melbourne) & Tom Teutenberg, @2TEN Studios (Gisborne).