John Walsh at ACHK17

21–25 MARCH 2017

John Walsh, Pare To My Place, 2017, Oil on canvas, 156 x 308cm, Made in Aotearoa NZ for exhibition at Art Central Hong Kong #HK


PAULNACHE presents...

Art Central Hong Kong
21 - 25 March 2017

John Walsh’s paintings of monumental landscapes populated by mysterious anthropomorphic creatures offer us, as ordinary mortals, a glimpse into a realm we may have heard described in Mātauranga Maori* but never fully imagined. Walsh’s technical abilities as a painter and his imaginings entwine to create images that float between the physical world and what might lie beyond.

Booth F11 at Art Central HK is a solo suite of two significant large scale etherial landscape paintings alongside a number of smaller original oil paintings on fortified paper.

“So of Aotearoa are these paintings that they could have been born from a Paua shell. Incandescent pearl and dark bushy tones colour the swathes of scrubby landscape, ocean and mist. This is the backdrop for a spirit-inhabited land of the long white cloud: of both past and present, at once afloat in the air, swimming in the great Pacific and dug into this peaty earth.” 
– Mark Amery (NZ art critic, writer)

We invite the viewer to journey into an eerie past, present and future Aotearoa New Zealand.

  • *The term 'Mātauranga Māori' can be defined as ‘the knowledge, comprehension, or understanding of everything visible and invisible existing in the universe’, and is often used synonymously with wisdom. In the contemporary world, the definition is usually extended to include present–day, historic, local, and traditional knowledge; systems of knowledge transfer and storage; and the goals, aspirations and issues from an indigenous perspective.