James R Ford, Filling in a Space, 11-23 December 2015

11-23 DECEMBER 2015

James R Ford’s reflections on existentialism and his use of conventional materials and modes of presentation reveal countless nuanced contradictions as well as a fascination with process and the filling in of time. Contemplating our human needs, wants and desires, choices, and the value of things and nothings. Mostly a creator of laboured drawings, well considered objects and lopping videos, Ford provides us with scenarios that have us pondering over the mundane or acting out the absurd as he invites us to look deeper into his works and what is taking place around us.

James R Ford (b. 1980, UK) studied at Goldsmiths College in London and currently lives and works in Wellington. He has exhibited widely throughout New Zealand and overseas and in 2013 was winner of the inaugural Tui McLauchlan Emerging Artist's Award from the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts. In 2014 Ford published a book of selected works, with accompanying texts, interviews and essays from 2008-2013, entitled Fail Better, and was a finalist in the Parkin Drawing Prize, the National Contemporary Art Award and The Wallace Art Awards.