Evan Woodruffe, Sydney Sampler Series


"Nothing’s black and white with Evan Woodruffe, it’s multi-coloured and handled with finesse.

Evan has a self-sufficient ambition that mixes with long-term vision; his artistic ego is tempered with a creative and professional generosity. He forms connections with people because he has so much to offer, and he understands that letting others in elevates oneself and allows the right audiences to develop.

He is incredibly motivated and has a constant thirst for knowledge, continually testing where he fits and doesn’t fit. I think his paintings are full because his mind is so full - he is the artwork!" – Matt Nache

Originally exhibited at Sydney Contemporary, in September 2017 as one unique painting tilted '28th August', acrylic, fabric on rag board. The artist has re-created it as a limited edition of 16 individual paintings each 12.5 x 12.5cm (image) / 25.5 x 25.5cm (framed).

Works are available for immediate sale – NZD$350 ea. 

Contact the Gallery via email: now@paulnache.com // SMS +64 274 736 245 // Insta DM @PAULNACHE

Photograph: Sydney Contemporary (installation), IMG X DK Gordon.

Evan Woodruffe (b.1965) is a painter whose baroque abstraction has covered canvas, walls, windows, furniture, photographs, fabrics, and skin. His work attempts to navigate the continuous space of our current urban environment, one where we exist offline locally and online globally almost simultaneously. He implies both the real and virtual spaces through map-like schematics, scribbles, and proto-cartoons; an assertively decorative and brilliantly coloured space where perspectival depth is replaced with a complexity created by looking through screens, filters and membranes.

"Woodruffe's stated intention as an artist is to present 'a confused multiplicity of interconnected elements and surfaces that allude to our current urbanism'. The results are bold, spellbinding and literally dazzling”. – Professor John Seed, Huffington Post, February 2016.

Evan Woodruffe was born in 1965 in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand, where he currently lives and works. Raised in a family of artists, he is a painter who is well respected for his in-depth technical knowledge. Evan has his MFA (1st Class Honours) from Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland. He has a proven exhibition and award history, including the 2011 Molly Morpeth Canaday Award and 2003 Becroft Premier Award, and has works in significant collections, such as the Wallace Art Trust.