The Director

Portrait of Paul Nache, 2014.JPG

The brainchild of director Matthew Nache, PAULNACHE was launched on the 1st of January 2009. Nache, who has a Bachelor of Design Degree from Wellington’s Massey University, co-opened The Pencil Gallery in Gisborne in 2004, and initially specialised in representing contemporary Māori art, and artists with a drawing background who had personal connections to the Gisborne region.

The rebranding as PAULNACHE, and the renovation of the exhibition space, marked a major new phase in Nache’s ambitions for himself and his artists. The gallery currently operates an exhibition space in Gisborne, New Zealand, as well as presenting the work of its artists through exhibitions in private and public galleries, publications, and annual participation at art fairs. 

Working on a network model, drawing on connections to identify opportunities and make things happen quickly, the PAULNACHE Gallery has established a reputation for dynamic and creative solutions in the presentation of its stable of artists, many of whom have substantial practices that are not recognised by the dominant narratives of art history. 

PAULNACHE sees itself as a gallery in the provinces, rather than a provincial gallery, representing its family of artists to national and increasingly international audiences. At the heart of the Gallery is the desire to teach people to have an emotional connection with art, and to foster the sense of value that art has in terms of society, community, culture and life.

" I wake before you, I eat before you, I dream before you. The first city to see the sun in the world, I live in the land of light [so I come from the future] " – Interview with Matt Nache, exploring how New Zealand’s edges can also be our arts centres, written by Mark Amery