Cockware, Teresa HR Lane, 3–25 November 2017

3–25 NOVEMBER 2017

“I live in a world with confused gender identities, the stereotypical roles are still rigid, complicated, and confused, undermining the ability for female and male to accept absolute equality.

As an artist I am an idealist and mine is not a repressed fantasy, or even a libidinous desire nor is it attached to a feminist polemical agenda, but rather I see these stereotypes for what they are, utterly absurd.
In my art practice I want to manipulate them, and I want to fix them. Projecting ownership over this subject matter I choose to be playful, flamboyant, and frivolous, but underneath I am serious. I have explicitly been denied the gaze as a woman, and now I choose to reclaim it.”

Teresa HR Lane is an active participant, who can also play the role of the observer, documenting the human form, celebrating the ordinary, and recognising the humorous and often perverse ways we interact with others. The artist is currently completing her MFA at Elam University, Auckland.

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